Top 10 #TechPhx Moments

This past weekend I attended the TechPhx Relevant Media Unconference at the University of Advancing Technology.

I didn’t really know what to expect going into the weekend, but shortly after arriving on the first day, I realized it was going to be a fun, laid-back and educational experience, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

All of the talks were held in small classrooms that provided an intimate and personal setting as opposed to traditional large conference atmospheres.

What truly made the conference such a learning experience was that not only did the presenters have valuable information to share, but so did each of the attendees. Each person contributed something unique to the event as a whole.

Here are the top 10 moments that stood out to me from the TechPhx Unconference:

  1. The Pinterest presentation by Niki Blaker where I learned that people spend on average 16 minutes on Pinterest during each visit, that only 20% of content is original content and that in the UK more men use Pinterest than women.
  2. When Lori Santa Maria told us to, “Make Facebook Analytics our B*itch,” and lets be honest, to make it in the social media world, you really need to!
  3. Learning more about the new Facebook algorithm EdgeRank, how it’s impacting business pages and what it means for community management going forward.
  4. I enjoyed the delicious veggie bowl and my friend Evan Roberts enjoyed the fish and chips from BuzznBeez Good Food Truck!
  5. Learning about new analytics and community management tools such as: WooBox, EdgeRankChecker, ReTweetRank, Topsy & TrendsMap, Repinly, Pinpuff and Reachli
  6. Meeting more than one person who I’ve followed on Twitter, for the first time, in person!
  7. Learning about 7 great tools for small businesses by Christie Kerner, who shared her inspirational story about how she became an entrepreneur.
  8. Experiencing the “Law of Two Feet” conference style, allowing us to walk around from room to room at our leisure. 
  9. Witnessing fencing, in person, for the first time ever.
  10. When April Holle posed the question, “How are you using your social influence to change the world as you’d like to see it?”

Didn’t make it out to the TechPhx Unconference this year? Take a look at their website for upcoming events!

~ Miss Soucie


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