Time to #GetGlass

“As we go forward, I hope we’re going to continue to use technology to make really big differences in how people live and work.”

– Sergey Brin

As many people in the technology world have seen over the last couple months/weeks, Google has been slowly rolling out their newest product, Glass.Google Glass 2

The glasses boast internet connection and {what seems like} seamless integration between taking photos, shooting video, getting directions, video chatting and every other mobile app possibility – hands-free. They also have a nice, sleek {and somewhat nerdy} look to them, making them practically unnoticeable as something other than glasses.

Google ran an #ifihadglass campaign last month to pick a select group of 8,000 people to have early access to the awesome new gadget. Applicants had to tweet or post on Google+ what they would do with this new technology in under 50 characters.

I saw the campaign and figured, “What the heck. Why not?” My entry was:

#ifihadglass I would hang glide in Punta Cana and live stream it!

The idea was inspired by my spring break trip to the Dominican Republic a couple of weeks ago. I tweeted my response and didn’t expect much beyond that. I saw this article the other day announcing that Google was contacting the winners of the campaign this week, so was expecting quite a bit of social media activity around who won and when to expect the first Google Glass product.

What I didn’t expect was to get a tweet from Project Glass saying that I had been selected for the Glass Explorers Program! Yes, I, Paige Soucie, won something! 

Google Glasses

The glasses are not set to release until late this year or early 2014 and will cost around $1500 to those who have been selected. Winners will also have to go to LA, San Francisco or New York in order to pick up their new gadget. This Time Tech article goes into more details about what to expect in the coming months regarding the project.

So, looks like this girl is getting a technology-boost, and I have to say, my boyfriend and all his tech-loving friends are quite excited about it!

~ Miss Soucie


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