The Whirlwind; aka Buenos Aires

So, where have I been since my last update on some date, a long, long time ago? After our first month in Cordoba, we moved onto the cloudy but wonderful city of Buenos Aires for the month of April, and then onto the highest capital in the world, La Paz, for the month of May. Then, we moved onto Cusco, Peru, for our fourth month where we also hit the exciting 100 days of Remote Year milestone and the end of our time in South America.

monte fitz roy trekOur month in Buenos Aires, Argentina kicked off with, what I would say, a very appropriate party weekend beginning with Fuerza Bruta, an amazing show of dancing, music, lights and all sorts of optical illusions. We were living in Byblos, one of the nicer living accommodations that we’ve had on the trip and working out of the local co-working space called La Maquinita Co.

About a week into our time in Buenos Aires, a group of four of us took off for an adventure in Patagonia. The group
was, at the time, sort of a random crew, but we went for it and had an amazing time. We roamed around Patagonia drinking, eating, exploring, hiking and playing mass quantities of euchre. We rented a car in El Calafate, and after admiring Perito Moreno Glacier, we roamed down to El Chaltén where we hiked up to Monte Fitz Roy and experienced snow, rain, high winds and extreme heat all in one eight-hour hike. We topped off the trip with some glacier trekking and a sunrise hike before heading back to Buenos Aires.

mojoOnce we got back from Patagonia, it seemed like the month was almost gone. During the last couple weeks, a group of us went to the town of El Tigre and volunteered to help paint and clean a local school. In order to reach the school, we had to take a boat through the canals that navigated this entirely island-based community. By the end of it, we were covered in paint and feeling all warm and fuzzy having helped out the local community.

Other things worth noting for the month in Buenos Aires include, in no particular order: runs down to Plaza España, the crazy beautiful Cementerio de la Recoleta, Ninina; also known as our home for most of the month, El Ateneo Libreria, amazing graffiti, Adam’s run in with the local graffiti artist Mojo, closed door dinners, La Boca, getting my phone stolen, sunrises on the Byblos patios, the botanical gardens, the mass quantities of golden retrievers for some reason, the insufferable amount of rain and clouds, delicious crepes, terrorizing people in Byblos, David being terrorized by a scorpion in Byblos, Lindsay and I living together in Byblos, subsequently a couple unnecessary all-nighters, the closing party, Club 69 insanity, getting absolutely drenched on a bike tour, seemingly not being able to use card anywhere or ever find an ATM, an embarrassing number of hangovers and getting to know everyone even better, and making amazing friends along the way.

With love, Paige


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