My 1 Word for #RY3? Adventure.

Only a short 12 hours after finishing up one of the biggest passion projects I’ve ever worked on, PHX Startup Week, I boarded a plane for Córdoba, Argentina to join the third cohort of Remote Year.

The timing of everything couldn’t have worked out better, a tell-tale sign this was what I was meant to do. 48 hours after boarding my first of four flights, I’m settled (mostly) into my new home, working out of the Incutex co-working space and letting the wonder and magic of being in another country while doing what I love set in.

To introduce us to our new home, the Remote Year team welcomed us with some general information about our city, served us some less-than-tasty fernando, a local drink and had us each share our a word to represent this experience.

There were a number of words you’d expect like grateful, excited, happy and thankful. While all of those also apply for me, one in particular came to mind. What was my word?


For me this year represents the opportunity to explore, experience and get out of my comfort zone, while helping and learning about entrepreneurs around the world.

Some of the characteristics of Córdoba that pop out at me so far include; clothing is definitely a form of expression, you’ll see a wide variety throughout the generations; the ‘defensive’ driving technique is widely accepted as the norm and stoplights are mere suggestions for drivers and pedestrians alike; while most people speak Spanish, locals are friendly to those who mumble through the American version of spanglish; there are lots of stray (and adorable) dogs; you can find cafe con leche and croissants on every corner; when it rains, it comes down in buckets adding to the slightly brutal 100% level of humidity; you’ll see a wide variety of architecture on every street; oh, and there’s sushi, a definite victory for this girl.

So, as a quick introduction to my world in Argentina, here are a few pictures…

From my apartment.


Inside the co-working space.


Along my running path.


So, that’s the quick update. Stay tuned for more updates on our Argentinian adventures!

With love, Paige


Lover of all things travel, food, fitness and cocktails. Currently the Community Director at Ampsy, supporter of the #yesphx community and always on the lookout for the next adventure.