Oh hey, I thought I was an extrovert.

We’ve officially passed the two week mark of our Remote Year adventure. For me, it feels like we’ve been here a month. There’s this weird time-warp that happens when you’re traveling. Days seem like weeks and weeks seem like months. You experience so many new things so often, it’s hard to really wrap your mind around it all.

IMG_0470Not only are our senses overwhelmed from being in a new country, our unique group dynamics can be somewhat overwhelming, too. One interesting part of this is the difference, or lack there of, between how introverts and extroverts experience and perceive those dynamics.

For those who know me well, there would be no hesitation if asked if I was an extrovert or introvert. A good friend of mine who co-runs the podcast When Meyers Met Briggs is adamant that my Meyers Briggs is ESTJ, pegging me a full-blown extrovert.

Despite that, I’ve found myself at a loss for words or feeling anxious in social settings more often than not.

2016-03-12 20.55.19The last two weeks have proven that despite my extroverted nature, I have a tendency towards introversion when it comes to meeting and getting to know new people. This is proof that there’s definitely a spectrum of extroversion and introversion, especially when you’re thrown into a social gauntlet with 75 other people with varying degrees of introversion and extroversion. But I guess that’s what this is all about then, isn’t it?

For me, a large part of this trip is really figuring out who I am for myself, as opposed to who people have always wanted me to be. Pushing myself out of my normal everyday routine, with the same people as I’ve been around for years, really forces me to do that.

Personal introspection aside, Córdoba, Argentina is amazing.

Don’t be mistaken, my normal extroverted nature has come out more than once, even in my mostly-functional Spanish after a drink or two. We’ve gone to a local gallery opening, an amazing Joris Voorn concert at La Fabrica until 8 am, frolicking through the fields of El Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito and the most amazing 7-course meal at El Papagayo.

2016-03-13 12.02.35

Well, those are the thoughts of the week. For daily updates and pictures of my my travels, be sure to follow me on Instagram at @MissSoucie!

With love, Paige


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