LinkedIn: INfluencing the Professional World

This has been an exciting week in the world of LinkedIn as it starts to unveil new features, layouts and functionality.

It seems that LinkedIn is moving in the direction of becoming the ultimate professional engagement platform, network  and news outlet. 

The first big change was that people can now follow not only businesses, but also the 150 people who were selected to be the first group of “Thought Leaders” and “Influencers” in the INfluencer program.

This group includes people such as President Barack Obama, Arianna Huffington, the Editor-in-Chief at the Huffington Post and LinkedIn’s own CEO, Jeff Weiner.

These Influencers now have the ability to write full-sized articles and share them with their followers. In turn, people who are following them, not just those who are connected professionally, can respond and engage. This opens up a whole new window of opportunity for professional engagement and development on the LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn is looking for more people who can contribute engaging original posts and share interesting and thought-provoking links for the rest of the LinkedIn community.

Those who would like become an Influencer can apply here.

Another big change that was unveiled this week was the newly designed company page. The new layout was first launched a few weeks ago with select companies.

As of this week, all companies on LinkedIn can enjoy the fresh, new look.

The new design makes it easier for people to find, follow and engage with companies they’re interested in. Not only did LinkedIn change the format, but they also added new functionality by adding, “Featured Update” options.

Up until now, LinkedIn has been a challenge for businesses and professionals alike when it comes to engaging past recommendations, resumes and posting articles. 

I think these new changes will revolutionize the way that professionals engage online. It provides a new outlet for intellectual group discussions and engagement in a structured environment.

I look forward to seeing what other changes and improvements LinkedIn makes and how it impacts the professional and social media world. 

What do you think about these new changes?

~ Miss Soucie


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