10 Steps to Kick-Start Your Social Media

“To utilize social media tools effectively and properly, you must absolutely generate spontaneous communications in direct response to what others are saying or to what is happening in that moment. Be yourself. Be conversational. Be engaged.”

Alize Sherman

Not every business has the resources or even needs a big agency to establish and maintain its social media for them. Who does this apply for? Any one and every one who is looking to make a name for themselves on social media. Businesses, personal brands, groups, causes… You name it, it applies!

Here are some easy steps to follow to get your social media up and running!

  1. Do your research: Before starting any project, it’s important to do your research. Look into the different social media platforms available, what they’re useful for and how they work.
  2. Evaluate competitors/similar businesses: Not sure where to start? Take a look at what other businesses in your industry are doing. This can provide great inspiration for how your business can utilize social media.
  3. Set goals: It’s important to have a clear outlook of what you hope to achieve by using social media. Set goals provide a clear outlook and eventually a way of measuring the success of your social media venture.
  4. Establish target audiences: Who are you targeting with your social media? Unfortunately, “everyone” isn’t an option. Figure out who your target audiences are and what are the best platforms to engage them on.
  5. Solidify the brand voice: It’s important to understand how you want to present your business on social media. Establish the appropriate tone, voice and word choice for the brand that that also resonates with your target audiences.
  6. Pick the right channels: Not every company needs a Pinterest profile just like not every company needs a YouTube profile. Decide which channels are the best for your company and for your target audiences.
  7. Start off slowly: Don’t try to take everything on at once. No one expects you to get it right off the bat! Facebook is always a safe starting point, and then start integrating other channels and increasing frequency to see what works best.
  8. Trial and error: If you find that certain channels aren’t producing the desired results, try changing your posting methods or frequency. It’s all about trial and error and figuring out what works best.
  9. Measure results: There are lots of different methods of measuring results through social media. SproutSocial provides a great measurement tool as do many of the platforms themselves.
  10. Add some frills: Once you get the hang of social media and how it can help your company, start experimenting with small competitions and other promotions to increase activity and fan engagement.

Where are you on your path to social media success?

~ Miss Soucie


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