“Just bend like a banana”

2016-08-24-17-07-15One of our boys, Jacek, has done over forty jumps in his life and wanted to plan an excursion for us to experience it with him. There were about fifteen of who signed up, and it was one of the most incredibly terrifying and awesome experiences of my life.

Being a novice in the world of jumping out of planes, I was unaware that there were different types that you use to jump out of. For our jump, our plane opened in the back, which is apparently not all that common. I was the second to last person to jump, and my tandem partner

2016-08-22-13-47-21told me to “just bend like a banana” so that when we did a backflip out of the plane, we would follow the current of the wind. Because that’s not terrifying or anything.

The backflip itself was actually my favorite part. The free fall that followed was the hardest part for me, which lasted for about two to three minutes until my tandem guy pulled the parachute. Those few minutes were a weird mixture of my eyes tearing up, screaming, feeling like it was practically impossible to breathe and trying to tell myself I wasn’t going to die. After he pulled the parachute, I finally believed I might make it out alive. After that, I was able to relax and enjoy the view, and damn, was it beautiful.

2016-09-08-18-44-27When I finally got to the ground, I was hit with the most incredible rush of excitement and adrenaline that I literally ran and jumped on Adam with what felt like all the force I had. I looked around and saw everyone else doing the same. It was so cool to be with such an amazing group, experiencing something so powerful. Afterwards, we all piled back into our rental cars and headed back to the city.

A couple weeks later I received the over 600 photos of my jump that the tandem guy took, and let me just say, I give so many props to anyone who can look attractive in those photos. I would say 99% of mine I look like a flailing lunatic, but hey, it was totally worth it.


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