Finding my stride in Croatia

2016-11-04-12-59-13It seems silly that it took eight months for me to finally get in a rhythm with my running on Remote Year. But hey, better late than never. For me, our month in Split, Croatia was highlighted by the amazing seaside trail I ran on a daily basis. It was the perfect place to start my half marathon training.

Split is one of the coveted Adriatic coastal cities that’s booming during Yacht Week and the hot summer months. In September the temperature starts to cool down, and then in October, it’s just plain cold. Our group was there, you guessed it, in October.


For me, being that my body is at least five degrees hotter than most normal humans, this was great. But for the rest of the normal-blooded world, it slowed down the day-to-day pace and had most of our group staying in and going to bed early.

With little to entertain myself around the city, my month quickly became centered around running, swimming, working from my patio while looking at the sea, dinner somewhere probably too expensive and then home for a movie and early night. It was also our last month in Europe, so I think in general our group was just ready to go.

That being said, there were some amazing times during our month. One of the weekends our crew took a ferry over to Brač where we “camped” in a family’s backyard. It wasn’t entirely what we expected, but the homemade stew, skewers and toasted bread on a stick we made, along with plenty of alcohol, made it one of those level three fun events.

2016-10-16-16-04-30After that, I had the pleasure of hosting Padre for about a week. The two of us along with my cousin took a road trip down the Croatian coast. We made pit stops in small towns along the way and visited Plitvice Lakes National Park. After the adventure, my dad stayed in Split with me for a few more days where I showed him around my new home. We had a group dinner at my favorite restaurant in Split, Dvor, with some of my closer Remotes. The last couple nights of his trips the sunsets really came to impress before he headed off back to Maine.

2016-10-29-20-54-12One of our other adventures was to an ecocamp outside of the city where we picked olives and helped clear the land for future development. After a morning of working around the camp, we enjoyed a delicious lunch cooked for us by our hosts, Shannon and Ante, who told us about their whirlwind romance and future plans for the camp.

To finish off the month, we went on a jet ski double date excursion; then a few of the girls biked to the Park Marjan for a morning workout, swim and then delicious burger from Toto’s; a group went to a local “peka” lunch cooked by one of our city manager’s families; then we closed out the month with a Halloween going away party and scavenger hunt through some Croatian ruins. Our last Friday in Croatia, our tramily hopped aboard a bus to Zagreb where we would catch our flight to Kuala Lumpur, with a quick stopover in Qatar. If that’s not spoiled, I’m not sure what is.


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