Facebook Gifting – Enhanced

I went on Facebook this morning to find a little notification that told me I can now “Gift” people right on Facebook. We’re not talking the small $1 gifts like before, but full birthday present worthy gifts! Exciting, right?

The first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, if this isn’t a blessing for procrastinators, I don’t know what is.”

Since my boyfriend has been a doll lately, I figured why not test it out and see what this “Gifting” is all about. I clicked on the “Gift” link and a box with a bunch of different cookies, trinkets and other fun gift options popped up. I skimmed through the options and found this cute “All Smiles Cookie.”

That was the winner, so I clicked “Next.” Another great part? This gift ships free!

THEN things got even more exciting when I was able to choose a fun little e-card to send along with my gift. They were all really modern looking – not like the old fashioned cheesy ones. I found one that I liked, clicked on it and personalized it. You can opt to have these cards be viewed only by the recipient or visible to everyone on Facebook.

After you finalize everything, you go to the next page and enter your card information. After that, the gift is “wrapped” and posted on the recipients wall until they “open” it. At that point, the gift becomes visible.

Here’s the FINALE, after the recipient accepts the gift, they enter the address that they want to receive the gift at! No more hassling with finding it yourself! 

Facebook does its due diligence and has a notification system that sends a text, email notification and Facebook notification at each step of the process as seen to the left.

Overall, I have to say I thoroughly enjoy this new app. I think it’s a good step for Facebook when it comes to countering Pinterest‘s reign in the eCommerce world.

Could we see more of a move towards eCommerce from Facebook and other big platforms in the future? By the growth that we have seen from Pinterest since it launched, I tend to think that we will. What do you think?

~ Miss Soucie


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