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The world of eCommerce and mCommerce are booming, just look at how many people visit websites like every day in order to find the best coupon codes to use online. Every year, the number of people buying from their computers, phones and tablets is increasing.

Studies show that women account for 58% of online shopping and 22% of women shop online at least once a day. 92% of women pass along information, deals and finds to others.

Thanks to platforms like Pinterest and Asos, social media and shopping have become that much easier and more intertwined. At the click of a button, surfing the web can turn into a purchase. Just. Like. That.

So what does that mean for businesses who have an e/mCommerce presence?

According to US customs data trends, customer-friendly social media and website integration can mean the difference between a conversion or customers moving onto the next.

Last night as I was watching Breaking Bad, an amazing show I might add, just scanning Pinterest, when I came across a pin that piqued my interest. It lead me to Etsy‘s website, where I looked around for a few minutes, found something similar that I liked even MORE and ended up purchasing it. All in about 5 minutes on my computer from the comfort of my couch!

As you can see, this effective use of social media by posting products to Pinterest was able to convert me, even though I’m not an avid online shopper (or Etsy shopper).

Another recent example I’ve seen of successful social media and e/mCommerce integration was on Facebook. My boyfriend actually sent the offer to me because he thought it looked like me (awww, what a sweetheart!)

The Nest on Main posted an offer yesterday for a long black and white striped maxi skirt for $15.99 on their Facebook page. Now, this is a pretty good deal, but it’s quite possible to find something like that in a store for around the same price. Either way, the coupon was claimed almost 46,000 times. Their Facebook page currently only has a little over 4k Likes, but almost 46k Talking About This, thanks to this offer.

There were a lot of questions about the offer and customer inquiries, but the company was quick to respond and keep people up to date about the status of the orders and when the skirts should be expected.

This is another great example of how to use social media effectively to increase sales, visibility and relationships with new customers. 

These are just two examples of how social media increases e/mCommerce success in just the last two days. It’s important for companies to thoroughly understand the power of social media and how it can help online and offline business success.

Is your social media customer-friendly & conversion-ready?

Here are some tips on how to make sure it is.

~ Miss Soucie


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