Eat, Drink & Explore Bogotá

After a bit of chaos, as with any travel day, we made it to our adorable Airbnb in Capinero Alto, Bogotá. After a good night of rest, we woke up with one goal for our first day: eat, drink and explore as much as possible, and we did just that.

Our first stop was at Grazia, an adorable cafe with moderate wifi, great bread, awesome breakfast and some fancy looking desserts. Breakfast entree, coffee, juice, bread and dessert for both of us ran about $20 total. After some more roaming, our next stop was Eric Kayser, as I was in need of some reliable wifi. It’s a chain with locations around the world, but we had some delicious croquettes and it provided a quiet place to get some work done!

Next, we decided to head to downtown area is Zona T. It’s a fun area with lots of restaurants and no cars, so lots of options to stop and check out little stores or restaurants. Alex was determined to keep roaming, so we continued north until I saw a sign that said ‘pisco sour’, so I immediately diverted our walking in order to investigate.

Alex hadn’t had pisco or traditional ceviche, so naturally we had to have both. Karal had a bit more of a touristy vibe, but the service was great, the ceviche trio was delish and the pisco sour was pretty good despite the cinnamon addition and lack of bitters. Afterwards, we walked along one of the main streets with the other hoards of people heading home during rush hour.

We had passed a little courtyard with a bunch of cute bars and restaurants earlier in the day, so on our way home we stopped in for unas bebidas and a bao from BaoBun ($15). Let me tell you, do not underestimate the asian food in South America, as counterintuitive as it may be. They were delish, and per usual, Alex’s order was more delicious than mine. *scowl*

You’d think that would be enough food for us, but no, I told him we still needed ‘dinner’.

We made a pit stop at the grocery store to pick up the necessities: wine, cheese, salami and eggs. Alex was determined to get fresh bread from a ‘pâtisserie’ as he called it, also known as a ‘panadería’ in Spanish. Conveniently, there’s an amazing (and slightly overpriced for Bogota) cafe close to our Airbnb called Mistral. We grabbed a baguette ($2) from the cafe and headed home with all the ingredients for a delicious dinner, and sat on our patio and looked out over the city.

After checking in with our Health App, we also covered 10 miles exploring the city. Not bad for Day 1!


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