Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Who are you more likely to take workout advice from?

  • Option A: The person that you see at the gym everyday who works hard and is in good shape?
  • Option B: The person that someone who comes dressed in fancy workout clothes but just watches and tells other people what to do?

It’s very much the same concept when you decide whom to trust with your digital marketing.

Have you seen companies that claim to be a leader in the digital space but when you go and look at their website or social media pages, you see little or nothing? This is something that is happening more and more.

Digital marketing specialists who don’t practice what they preach, and how will a company know if something works if they haven’t tried it?

Here are some things to look for when deciding who you want to manage your digital and social media:

Does the company have a Twitter account or Facebook page?

If they do, do they update it frequently or is it sporadic? Is the content on there relevant or does it seem like spam? These are details to pay attention to because it can give insight as to what the company finds appropriate when it comes to managing your social media.

What is your impression of their website?

A companies website is their holy grail, the be-all-end-all. When you come to a company’s website you should be able to easily find what you’re looking for without having to jump around. If the website looks unorganized or unprofessional, this might be a sign that their company is also.

What if they don’t have a website or they’re a start-up?

With the job market the way it is, many people are setting off on their own to start their own business (which I’m also currently doing.) Because of this, they might not have a website at all. With freelancers or people that are starting out, check out their LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms to see if they have the credentials to be making important decisions in your digital marketing.

Something seems weird about this company…

Trust your gut. If you feel like the company you’re talking to is feeding you lines, ask them to explain further or do some research on your own. It never hurts to get other opinions about what a company is suggesting, no matter how thrilling and experienced they might sound.


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