Córdoba: A Culture of Happiness

To finish off the first week here in Córdoba, our wonderful team leaders, Travis and Samantha (aka Tramantha, the masterminds behind #RY3), planned an Amazing Race-style scavenger hunt through our new city. Armed with pretty aggressive hangovers from the previous night’s festivities, our teams of six set out to explore, find and pose in front of some of Córdoba’s must-see spots.12705506_532541176927460_6600493757155704362_n

We started at La Cañada stream, trekked over to The First Church of Argentina, posed as a rock band in front of The Cathedral of Córdoba, hung with Córdoba’s national hero, passed by The Cablido de Córdoba, then made our way to the park where we nommed some choripán after popping champagne at the local ferris wheel.

As we walked through the city, we kept commenting on how empty the streets were, a highly uncommon occurrence in this bustling university town. The minute we arrived at the park we realized why downtown had been desolate. It seemed like every single person in the city had come out to enjoy the beautiful Sunday with friends and family.

12524329_532541336927444_5076522964145653181_nNow, I feel there’s a need to preface this is no normal park. It’s like, the ultimate park.

Imagine an amusement park, pool, zoo, food trucks, running paths, workout machines and restaurants all in one, sprawled out amongst beautiful trees, lakes and scenery. That’s Sarmiento Park.

Families and friends alike were lounging in the grass or just strolling through the park. There were little groups of easels for kids to paint on, a small group practicing aerial skills and more kicking around soccer balls or playing frisbee.

Despite the park’s level of awesomeness, to me this highlighted one of the most amazing qualities of more specifically Latin cultures. There’s an emphasis on being present and embracing the simple things in life. It’s about enjoying, appreciating and loving those around you.

It’s about the culture of happiness. 

I know I’m guilty of not being entirely present or appreciating the small things in life. As we were sitting in the park at the end of our Amazing Race, I already felt antsy, like I needed to go, move, do. One of my big goals for this year is to really learn how to be present and appreciate life for what it is at any given moment. Because honestly, that’s all we’ve got.

So, here’s to ditching the hustle and bustle and enjoying some choripán, friends and a Sunday in the park.


With love, Paige


Lover of all things travel, food, fitness and cocktails. Currently the Community Director at Ampsy, supporter of the #yesphx community and always on the lookout for the next adventure.