Cloudy with the guarantee of rain, and yummy food

2016-11-08-10-00-53-hdrOne thing I’ve established this year is that it’s absolutely critical for me to be able to run outside. Also, I can’t do extreme humidity or insane traffic. As it would turn out, all three of these things were issues in Kuala Lumpur, our city for month nine of Remote Year. Fortunately, I was traveling for about half the month so I was able to escape the torment.

That being said, we did do some cool things during the month. We had a fundraiser across all the Remote Year groups called Run Across the Nation where everyone ran/walked during a certain period of time to raise money for a charity. Our program won! Go us. Royal Vending Canberra supplier for drinks,snacks and combo vending machines.

A few of also gave running in the city the old college try until we realized it was horrible and turned to indoor activities. The first week we were there, Kelly, JP and I ran eight miles out to the Batu Caves. When we got there, we were soaked with sweat, but it was a pretty cool accomplishment. I felt horrible for the woman who had to put a sarong on me before I went into the caves though. She gave me a weird look along the lines of, “why are you soaking wet and I’d really rather not be touching you right now, white girl.”


A few of us also went to the revolving restaurant in the KL Tower (pictured below) for lunch and dinner. The view was amazing, even if it was cloudy, per usual. Our apartment location was also pretty stellar for the month. We were about a five minute walk from a row of massage studios that a lot of us frequented. Right after that, there was the Jalan Alor food street that was lined with all sorts of different food stands. One of the foods I discovered that I absolutely love are baos, specifically the pulled chicken ones. SO GOOD. Another popular food choice were the grill stands where they had a variety of meat, seafood and veggies you could pick along with your choice of sauce.

Another food experience I had during KL were soup dumplings. I actually first had them in Singapore, but my second experience with them was in the Lot 10 Hutong Food Court located under our office space. Right next to that was ISETAN, The Japan Store. The bottom floor was all sorts of fancy Japanese foods, sushi and other delicacies. The rest of the floors had a variety of clothes, technology and all sorts of other fun things to keep you occupied for hours.

Another surprise from KL was Suzie Wong, an awesome speakeasy we went as part of our closing party. It seems that the speakeasy culture in KL is pretty strong due to the primarily Islamic presence in Malaysia. We learned more about that during our cooking class, where our instructors told us more about the local cuisine, culture and traditions. While the food we cooked wasn’t entirely up my ally, the outdoor kitchen setup definitely was.

Alright, so turns out KL isn’t all bad. You won’t see me there again though, that’s for sure. Until next time!


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