La Chorrera: Chasing Waterfalls in Bogotá

By Paige ~ July 11, 2018

I’m always down for an adventure, and I love hiking, so when I had read about Cascada Viagra online la Chorrera in Choachí, I knew we had to find our way out there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much in the realm of a guide on how to get to Choachí, nonetheless the actual waterfall. The…

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Getting Centered in Chiang Mai

By Paige ~ January 4, 2017

To say month ten got off to a rough start would be an understatement. Traveling for a year doesn’t come without challenges, and I hit my breaking point at the beginning of our month in Chiang Mai. I knew something was going to have to give eventually due to a variety of things going on…

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The #almostthreepeaks challenge

By Paige ~ July 26, 2016

July was possibly one of the craziest months on Remote Year so far. We were based in London after our initial plan to be in Istanbul was changed early on in the program. For most of us, this wasn’t entirely a welcomed change. After spending four months completely out of our element in Spanish-speaking countries,…

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A welcomed homecoming

By Paige ~ July 25, 2016

When I joined Remote Year, I never had any intention of going home during our year adventure. I got to globe trot and roam around the world for a year, why would I want a break from that?! As we came to the end of our fourth month, though, I could feel myself getting a little too wrapped…

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The story of nine Remotes, five days, 75 km and a lifetime supply of Snickers

By Paige ~ July 12, 2016

The majority of the tourists who came through Cusco were only there for about a week. This is just enough time to land, stay a night or two, then head off to trek to Machu Picchu, come back, and take off for their next destination. Traditionally, people tend to do the Inca Trail, the original trail…

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Baked Oats Variations & Sauce

By Paige ~ December 3, 2013

For those who know me, they know that during the summer months I ate Overnight Oats like it was a religion. I was absolutely obsessed. Now that it’s gotten colder though, cold oats in the morning just don’t do the trick. That’s why I decided to try out my Triple-Chocolate Baked Oats last week. Since…

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Vanilla Protein Fluff Crepes

By Paige ~ November 27, 2013

This might be one of my favorite weeks of the year. It’s the official start of the holiday season, which means spending time with family and lots of delicious food! This year for Thanksgiving, I’m in Maine visiting my dad. So, of course, we had to whip up is crepes for breakfast. Yum, right? Unfortunately, it…

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Triple-Chocolate Baked Oats

By Paige ~ November 22, 2013

There’s nothing like a rainy morning to make you want to have something warm and delicious for breakfast and I usually order my meals from nangs near me. And considering how infrequently that happens in Arizona, I felt the need to make the most of it today. That’s what spurred my new single-serving Triple-Chocolate Baked…

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