Another margarita, please.

2016-07-31-20-17-49-hdrOf our Remote Year itinerary, Prague was the only city I had visited previously. It was also my favorite city from my time studying in Spain. Due to that, I was incredibly excited to have an entire month back in such a magical city.

For our accommodations, we were split up into mainly two. One was nicer and practically brand new while the other was older and sort of quirky. June, Adam and I ended up living together in the quirky one, which was also right next to what would become known as The Baby Tower. While we were a bit further from the workspace, our place had a certain charm to it that made it feel like home. This was honestly the first time I had felt this way on Remote Year.

Not only was our place cozy, we were caddy corner from a cute Italian bistro and only two blocks from the best Mexican restaurant I’ve come across on Remote Year. Lisa and I may have set up a secondary residency there. Our workspace, K10, was brand new and totally beautiful. It even had a chef who cooks lunch daily and a courtyard area where we could lay out and work.

2016-08-03-20-28-50-1So yeah, Prague was just as awesome as I had remembered it. It was also one of the more normal months I’ve had, which was a nice change of pace. We had a lot of wine and cheese dinners at either my place or on the rooftop at Brecht and Eric’s as opposed to going out to dinner, which we had tended to do in previous months. And the sunsets? They were spectacular.

When we went out, we checked out the awesome underground venues or went to festivals and shows. The first weekend in town we went to a warehouse show last minute after one of our dinner parties, despite the fact that I was dressed in a rain jacket and workout clothes. Then we ended up seeing Skrillex and Disclosure while we were there, too.

2016-08-14-15-38-50Conveniently, Sziget Festival was happening only a few hours away from us in Budapest, so a group of us decided to go check it out for a few days. It’s hard to explain the experience aside from saying it seemed like something out of the festival scene in Across the Universe. It was an entire hippy island community co-existing and appreciating the magical experience. Almost 500,000 people came out to this incredible week-long festival, and I know all of us wish we could have stayed longer.

After we got back from the festival, we had couple weeks left, which we spent just enjoying our favorite parts of Prague. I went on a date at one of the restaurants by the water (my favorite), scoped out one of the craziest public pools I’ve ever seen, ate oysters, went on runs, checked out the cook beer tap bar and, the cherry on top, was going sky diving. But that experience deserves its own post.

With love, Paige


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