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"Paige is the go-to leader you want in today’s fast-paced, frenetic, and fun entrepreneurial world. As the co-organizer for PHX Startup Week, she delivered a professionally-run event that handled a 100% attendance jump year-over-year, and she did it working through an extended team of volunteer staff. Through her leadership, attention to detail, and creative problem solving, she was able to coordinate 160+ sessions over 10 venues in 5 days with >4000 registered attendees. Despite the typical tactical chaos of an event of this size, she did it with a smile, a resilient attitude, and an unmatched level of energy and enthusiasm. Most impressively, and what most people didn’t see, is her strategic planning and thoughtfulness ahead of time. Because of her investment in building strong and trusted working relationships, she was the embodiment of bringing a community together around a common cause. When I have a critical, high-visibility event that I need delivered professionally, the first person I’ll call is Paige Soucie."

- Raoul E. | March 8, 2016

"Awesomeness, achieved. Our growing agency needed an expert consultant to analyze our company culture and workflow to recommend / implement a new project management software across all teams. Two weeks into the launch --- I don't know how we lived before Paige! The staff and I enjoyed a worry-free transition due to her thorough planning, abundant communication and thoughtful strategy. When the needs arise again, I'll always look to Paige. You should too." 

- Ty L. | August 31, 2015

"Paige was wonderful to work with! She took the time to understand our company culture and used that to help us implement project management software. We couldn't be happier with the results!"

- Chianne N. | August 26, 2015

"For the last three years, I've worked with Paige as she has taken on a variety of roles at Coplex. She built out the Coplex social media team, managed client projects and assisted the administrative team to manage a variety of internal projects. She has grown as a professional over the last three years and proved to be an asset for the Coplex team."

- Ilya P. | April 20, 2015

"I had the pleasure of working with Paige for about a year and found her to be an incredible asset! She is a well rounded team member, who takes initiative, has a strong voice, great ideas, and always gets the job done right THE FIRST TIME AROUND. As a PM, her team was focused, dedicated, and consistently provides excellent results. I hope to work with Paige again and I highly recommend her all around awesomeness :)."

- Rachel L. | April 19, 2015


"Paige was an absolute pleasure to work with! She advised our team on best practices for advancing our social media marketing efforts, and the impact was immediate. Her direction, ideas, and strategic plan reshaped our online presence and noticeably improved our interaction with customers. I would most certainly recommend her and I look forward to opportunities to work with her again in the future."

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

- Nicole P. | January 17, 2013


“Paige is great at putting together social strategy and drilling into online market behaviors. She deals with shifting expectations and timeframes well and always delivers quality work, on time. Her flexibility and broad-base understanding of social and email marketing are just two of the many attributes that make her a key player and my go-to resource for social strategy and implementation advice.”  

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

- Zoe P. | May 7, 2012


“Paige has done an excellent job for me since I hired her. She has been extremely professional and is always seeking new information to improve her work with clients. She continues to increase her knowledge of the ever-changing industry with constant research and to gain expertise within the industry. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Paige again and I highly recommend her.” 

- Neal Q. | April 23, 2012


“Paige is great! She works hard, takes clear direction well and is open to learning new things, which is really an underestimated character trait, especially in social media. Paige writes well too, which is honestly rare in students of our generation. Generally upbeat, Paige is an excellent addition to any team or project. Heck if I had a company, I'd hire her.”

- Evan R. | April 4, 2012


“Paige is a valuable asset in the internet marketing industry, as she is very skilled and knowledgeable in various disciplines, including social media optimization, email marketing, and copywriting. She also is skilled in client communication and management, as I have firsthand seen clients relate to Paige and form close relationships. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I recommend her for any of the aforementioned disciplines.”

- Michael A. | March 21, 2012


“It was great working with Paige! She was very prompt with her responses to e-mails and phone calls, she got the project done on time and her work was above expectations. She laid out a clear and very understandable strategy for my social networking. I would highly recommend hiring Paige for your social networking needs!"

- Becky F. | March 16, 2012